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Payment Of Fees


Fees Policies – Special Reduction in Fees

Any parent who believes that there may be difficulties in paying the fees by the due date should contact the Bursar as soon as they become aware of this. The School will consider granting a special postponement of payment of fees or a special reduction of fees for existing students of the school, in cases where a verifiable and significant change in circumstances results in hardship which affects the ability of the family to pay the full amount of the fees and the past circumstances of the family have not given them the opportunity to build up savings for such an eventuality.

The amount of the postponement or reduction granted, if any, and its length will be decided on a case by case basis and will depend not only on the circumstances of the family, but also on the financial circumstances of the School at that time. The family will be asked to provide information as to their circumstances sufficient to allow a detailed assessment to be made by a committee of the Board of Trustees.

The committee will comprise the Chair of the Board, the Bursar, the Principal and the Chairs of the Finance and Legal Sub-committees. The postponement or reduction of fees will be subject to reassessment of parental means each year and may be varied upwards or downwards, depending on parental circumstances and the financial information provided.

Applications should be made in the first instance to the Bursar with an explanation of the circumstances.


Corporate Contribution Programme

The Corporate Contribution Program (CCP) is a scholarship program that is available to organisations which are responsible for covering the educational expenses of their expatriate employees’ children. Instead of paying Tuition fees and fees of Enrolment, companies and organisations agree to make donations to the School. These donations fund special corporate scholarships, which are awarded to dependents of companies participating in the programme and are also used to fund the development of the School for the benefit of all the BST students. The British School in Tokyo is one of the founder members of the CCP Association. Please click here for more detail on the CCP.

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