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The Kindergarten section involves:

Nursery School, Kindergarten 1, Kindergarten 2

For both boys and girls

With both departments: French and English

  • On the courtyard of a spacious compound equipped with the latest educational and recreational means and halls, “Al-Islah Sprouts” nurture in a safe and intense care atmosphere supervised by a qualified elite with expertise and competency.
  • Our nursery is of paradise, where the kids are raised by The Holy Qur’an and high Islamic ethics. In addition to languages, sciences, knowledge and skills which are inevitable to teach and learn.
  • The department is typical and designed in a childish way that fits the kids, and is also equipped with the best educational aids for this stage.
  • Didacticism through the use of the latest tools and advanced educational, audio and visual (video, cinema, puppet theater, reading stories meaningful, educational and recreational trips) technology.

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