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First/ Second/ Third Cycle

Education is facing numerous and various rapid challenges worldwide as a result of dramatic changes in knowledge, information and technology in general.

Since the student was target the ultimate of the educational process as a whole, planning has always been a must in order to have an infrastructure that will provide him with an appropriate degree of information and theoretical facts in various areas of contemporary life for the student to exercise the basic skills necessary for daily life, and to deal with the environment effectively to maintain his health and to protect himself from diseases and risks.

In the light of setting up our educational plan we have ensured to emphasize that the student of the first, second and third cycles will use his supreme skills of thinking in different situations and will enjoy a range of personality and social traits emanating from the values ​​of society and culture, as well as the nature of the changing world around us, as his handling is optimized in proportion to his age phase.

Our objectives in the field of the student

  1. To enhance positive behavior and addressing the negative behavior among male and female students
  2. To determine the methods and the activities by which the investment of students' physical potential is being held
  3. To discover outstanding students scientifically and patronizing them
  4. To develop the student’s life skills and his ability to think , dialogue and debate
  5. To raise the students’ efficiency towards reaching the highest possible level in the field of computers
  6. To discover talented individuals in various fields and to develop their talents
  7. For the student to master the use of the most important means of communication and technology in the service of the educational and cognitive process

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