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The High School

Islah Islamic High School has occupied its advanced position in the educational and instructional arena and has earned the students’ parents trust and the supporters of its role and mission and those who are keen for their children to acquire all of civics without compromising their upbringing on the high Islamic principles and values.

It has become a typical brilliant educational fortress; its capital is the good and renowned reputation that jumps every year thanks to the Almighty Allah from better to best, from well to the highest quality, from transit to rare excellence, and from regular competition to the forefront of education and leadership.

Our vision and objectives

  • We strive to nurture generations that know Allah, armed with science and belief, and willing to face the society. Generations that are dear to Allah, strong in their religion at one of the most dangerous stages of framing the adolescent psychologically, which the secondary stage.
  • We are working to offer distinct scientific and civilized educational model, to prepare our students to face the challenges of the era in a rapidly changing world, and that is through educating, schooling and raising them on Islamic values besides working to develop their efficient scientific and practical abilities.
  • We are working hard and responsibly to formulate a straight and positive student, innovative and productive with a clear goal, on a specific track, doing his duty towards Allah, himself and his community.

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